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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
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Why Read comments from...

Medical Professionals

"[Ivanhoe] is a great, great source of information. I'm using your Web site to show my students how to access reliable information. You're very highly thought of in the community. The public relations woman we worked with was so excited to be able to do this story with you."

Lea Montgomery, R.N., M.S.
Texas Christian University
Harris School of Nursing
Fort Worth, Texas

"Thought you might like to know that in the two-week period after your creatine story (Supplement for Lou Gehrig's, July 17, 2002) appeared on -- and apparently on some TV stations -- I got about 50 inquiries. It apparently struck a chord with several people suffering from ALS or the loved ones of ALS patients. Good job!"

Mary Hardin
Public and Media Relations
Indiana University School of Medicine

"You have an excellent Web site. I recommend it often to my patients. Keep up the good work."

Syed Rizvi, M.D.
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Bakersfield, Calif.

"We get numerous patient calls about the procedures they see in your segments. It's wonderful for our doctors because Ivanhoe explains it so well. The patients' understanding is enhanced, making it easier for the doctors to explain. They love it! Your pieces make their jobs easier!"

Angela Thomas
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center

"When Ivanhoe did a story on islet cell transplants (Transplant for Diabetics, July 15, 1998), it really sparked the interest of diabetics looking for a cure. Our researchers here love your work because it helps them recruit patients for testing. Patients and researchers benefit from your stories."

Richard Merit
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, N.C.

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Television Professionals

"I am remiss for not writing sooner to tell you how much I appreciate your ... First To Know Bulletins. I always find them interesting, but most importantly, your reports provide invaluable medical information about which I would otherwise have no means of learning without a great deal of leg work."

Marlene Adler
Chief of Staff to Walter Cronkite
CBS/New York

"Ivanhoe's production value is great. Compared to CBS and CNN, your stuff is much better. You guys get the stories so fast, before anyone else. Sometimes you beat us in our backyard."

Karen Beller

"Because of one of Ivanhoe's Breakthroughs stories, a local viewer was able to receive a treatment that dramatically improved the quality of his life ... Treatment that local Buffalo doctors didn't know about. It's going to make a great local story and a better promo for our health cast."

Sheila Mahoney
Medical Reporter

"What I like about Medical Breakthroughs is that it enables me to reach stories that I normally wouldn't be able to do."

Graciela Rogerio
Medical Reporter
WABC/New York

"I think that Ivanhoe's reports are very thorough and well-researched. I have a great deal of faith in the material that Ivanhoe sends our station each month. There are numerous hot buttons out there that we don't have the ability to keep track of. We know that ivanhoe will provide us with those hot button reports."

Steve Hawkins
News Director
WCYB/Tri Cities

Back to Top Readers

"I've really profited from something you had on [] a few years ago about Dr. [Frederick] Buechel in South Orange, New Jersey (Ankle Replacement, June 24, 1999). I went and got my ankle worked on by him, and I can walk again -- it's amazing! I have a lot to attribute to that news of yours..."

Richard Tector
Charles City, Iowa

"Your article on Electrical Swallowing (January 13, 1997) brought my attention to the pioneering e-stim/dilation combination treatment for dysphagia in Cleveland, Ohio. I was able to accompany my chronically dysphagic wife to Cleveland last November, and due to the great work of Marcy Freed and Dr Stepnick, was able to witness my wife swallow, eat and drink again after nearly three years of dysphagia brought on by her brain surgery to remove a large posterior fossa meningioma.

Thanks to you for bringing this treatment to my notice in May 2000 [on], when I first got access to the Internet. All of my wife's family and friends have had their lives affected positively by your publicity."

Mr V Morris

"Thanks for your prolific introduction to your organization and your unselfish introduction to Merck from whom I receive my pharmaceutical needs. I am a controlled diabetic who will now be more controlled thanks to elaborate explanations made by your recommend readings! You may use this letter or furnish me a copy on which I can attach my signature; I'm a retired Lt Col US Army-85 years young."

Best Regards,

"When I dislocated both my shoulders, your site provided crucial information [in the report] New Surgery for Shoulder Separations (June 24, 1997). My initial orthopedic surgeon suggested an invasive repair, but once I knew the alternatives from reading a report on your site, I was able to seek a second opinion and opted for an alternative procedure. Without I would have undergone an antiquated procedure that would have kept me from leading an active lifestyle for much longer."

Thank you!
Dave Benach
Oakland, CA

"My name is George Lerg, my wife Judy and I reside in the San Diego area. We just learned Judy is in the first stages of Parkinson's, and I recently found your Web page.

Fear of the unknown is most debilitating for everyone involved. Your Web page was the first source of real information I found. Both Judy and I have been reassured that at least, we know what we are dealing with, and what the future may bring. We can deal with that far better than not knowing."

George Lerg

"I have been a subscriber for almost two years now. I have a medical transcription service, and have benefited from your "heads-up" on names and spellings of medicines as they come down the line. Having been in the medical field for 25 1/2 years, in various capacities, I understand the only thing that remains the same is change.

I have provided information to my massage therapist on her profession, my best friends on the ailments of their families, and the als info you provided helped me deal with my father's decline and death from that disease.

You folks provide good info, without hype, about the interesting and off the wall -- and I appreciate having the inside track.

Congratulations on your network of professionals, and keep up the good work."

Judy Delk
JD Transcriptions

"My colleagues and I wish to commend you, Bette BonFleur and your colleagues on the value of ivanhoe's electronic news service.

As a 19-year-old weekly billboard service for physicians we believe we have considerable perspective on news services, in general, and on those serving health care professionals, in particular.

We find to be especially valuable as we go through the process of story selection and the related task of researching particular medical developments. We congratulate your editors on their well-developed sense of newsworthiness and on the research value of your archived information. We commend your technical people for designing a site that is "uncluttered," highly navigable, graphically effective and very functional.

We thank all of you for making this valued and reliable resource available to the working press. We know how well regarded your broadcast service is, and we want you to know we belive you've replicated that value in the electronic area."


Peter Frost Sprague
Editorial Director
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Advances in health and medicine.
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